Beamish Genuine Irish Stout

    William Beamish

    William Beamish (1760-1828) & William Crawford (1757-1834)

    These are the only surviving images of both men.


    This image was created c. 1890. It shows the Beamish & Crawford brewery, at the height of it's success, brewing in excess of 100,000 barrels of stout annually.


    The Beamish & Crawford cooperage in 1900, Here the timber barrels were manufactured & repaired by the company's coopers.

    Counting House

    The 'Counting House' named as the place where the money was counted, is a listed building and still remains in situ.

    Brewery Workers

    Beamish & Crawford brewery workers, 1913.

    The History

    Beamish & Crawford – ‘The history of an Irish brewery’ is available in hardback and online. To find out more, please click: Waterstones.